Dehydrated Culinary Preparation

Titok is the privileged partner of professionals of the Out Catering. This specific activity, Titok has known and mastered for many years. We are specialists in the manufacture of dehydrated culinary preparations.

  • Salted dehydrated culinary preparation (culinary base, broth, juice, meat ice cream, sauce, icing, marinade, flavors, spices, culinary help, tabbouleh and salad, condiments, soup and velvety …)
  • Sweetened dehydrated culinary preparation (entremet, mousse, preparation for dessert …)
  • Dietary range dehydrated without salt (culinary basis, juice, sauce, soup, sequins, mashed vegetable, mixed, salads …)
  • Dehydrated sugar-free diet range (without sugar, aspartame, gelled water, thickener …)

We also offer a complete service, in collaboration with you, from the elaboration to the manufacture of your recipe. We can also work on the visuals of your product labeling.



We are actors of the Out Catering market and dehydrated culinary specialist for more than 20 years.



Bring to your consumers dehydrated culinary premium products, thanks to rigorously selected ingredients and recognized expertise.


We offer you a wide choice of references from our catalog or we can also work on developing your own recipe.



We are subject to strict manufacturing and quality standards and have been responding since 2013 to IFS regulations.

Our Differents Ranges

Salted Range

Salt-Free Range

Desserts Range


Sugar-Free Range

Free Sugar Desserts
Free Sugar Desserts

Over the past 20 years, we have created and developed more than 300 recipes across our different ranges, salty, salt-free, sweet and sugar-free.
Our company and our employees are also at your disposal, to create recipes to measure and according to your specifications.

Our Condtionings