Certified Organic Culinary Preparations

TITOK is a pioneer in the manufacture of dehydrated culinary preparations, to propose Organic range products. We master the entire chain of technical characteristics for this. From the development of the recipes, by selecting the best ingredients (natural, healthy and 100% from organic farming without GMOs or pesticides) to make your final product. To the production process, with good manufacturing practices, which guarantee a product without cross contamination and certified organic.

  • Organic culinary bases (bottles, sauces, juices, fumets, etc.)
  • Organic puree
  • Organic Soup
  • Organic Entries
  • Organic Desserts
  • Organic for retails store

We are also able to offer you a complete service since we have a team dedicated to the realization of packagings and visuals.

Precursor of Organic


Titok was the first actor in the production and distribution of dehydrated culinary to develop organic products.



We work collaboratively with your purchasing department to meet your specifications perfectly.

Innovation & concept


We work every year on new organic products concept for Out Catering and retailers to expand your range.