Innovate and go further

Meeting your requirements

Our Research & Development division is the center of our society.
Always boiling, with modern equipment, we are working to expand our knowledge of tastes and techniques. To propose to you every year new concepts and products, in collaboration with you, according to your specifications and your constraints.

Research & Development Expertise

Innovation, development and taste

Rigorous selection of ingredients

The ingredient is the foundation of your recipe or product. At Titok, we attach the utmost importance to selecting the best ingredients to develop and manufacture the best recipes.
Thanks to our daily supplier sourcing, we surround ourselves with the best to offer you a premium quality finished product.

Our Expertise

Our agri-food engineers have a laboratory dedicated to research and development, with professional equipment, to explore new avenues and to put gustatory pleasure at the center of innovation.
Our expertise of several years is now recognized and many professionals of the Out Catering sector, of the medical sector and retail store trust us.
Thanks to our strong experience, we have been able to equip very modern production machines in order to meet the time constraints of our customers. We have also built TITOK on a solid human team with a family mindset.

Culinary innovation

Innovation is the key word that can summarize the state of mind of Titok. For several decades, our curiosity and our motivation to innovate opened us to the development of new products and new markets.
However, we have not forgotten our roots, those of gastronomy, which we have adapted to modern production methods on the model of dehydrated.